The PRO Kickstarter Campaign: DFMA Lifecycle

The Micro 3D printer was a success, but after 2 years, it was time to begin the second product design process.

Collaborated with industrial design engineers, production managers, and an assembly crew to design a 3D printer for consumers, support part manufacturing for Asian suppliers, receive feedback from user technical issues, and develop plus test firmware for the heated bed and sensory network.

Design goals:

Low Power Hot Plate with Kapton heating element, control electronics, firmware development

Cable harness

Sensory network


Work independently and collaboratively with the product design team to assist in development of electromechanical parts in Solidworks for Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA).

Create prototypes and documentation of new parts/subassemblies to test the mechanical functionality, evaluate aesthetic design, collect assembly test data, and provide physical samples to part manufacturers as guides.

Submit PCB design action items to freelance PCB designer and verify changes have been added correctly. Verify PCB BOM and submit parts to the sourcing team member. Communicate with the sourcing team member to about issues with production samples such as inconsistent component placement, value, tolerance, and uneven orientation.

Assist mechanical engineering team to layout PCB locations, wire management, cable harness, sensor network, and GPIO device locations inside the 3d printer. Assisted modeling and drawing tasks in Solidworks for sheet metal, cable harness, wire management, and PCB components.

Assist software team to ensure MCU pins are assigned to the correct devices to ensure printer features are properly designed. Beginning to Assist with design of various software systems